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Self-Our Golden Calf site represents moving force behind the Medical Society of St Anthony Zaccaria- Medical Justice League. It is our intention to help guide those who seek a better more natural way to live. The origins of Medicine have long been based on a strong faith in God. Just has there has been a drive to remove God from Government there has been an even more successful program directed at removing God from the delivery of Medicine.

It is our mission to return back to the natural roots of Health-care delivery. Christ and other early Saints of the Church used physical healing as a sign of conversion or the acceptance of God in their life. The acceptance of God as a central part of a persons life was thought to be key both to a healthy and happy life.

Self Our Golden Calf is an Inspirational Daily devotional whose purpose is to help a person find the true center of their life. It is our belief that once that center is found healing of both physical and mental ills will quickly follow. This is by no means a get happy quick program it involves a strong desire to look for something better.  


This organization is a call to both patients and providers of health-care to return to the roots of both their life and professions. It is our belief that life will be more likely to be filled with Peace, Joy and Happiness if we just look for our real center in life.

Your Journey to Happiness, Health and Joy

Your Journey must begin with the first step. Consider that you have little to lose and much to gain from the reading of this book.


Sincerely Yours

Salvatore A Zieno M.D. F.A.C.S.

President and Founder MSSAZ-MJL