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Self-Our Golden Calf site represents moving force behind the Medical Society of St Anthony Zaccaria- Medical Justice League. It is our intention to help guide those who seek a better more natural way to live. 

If we are to provide those services we must encourage providers as well as patients to reset their expectation of care both on the patient and provider side.

We have become self directed to the exclusion of what is often the common good of all around us. We want to gain for our selves with out thought of the effect on others. This is nothing new.

I believe we have a better nature in us that has been corrupted and has resulted to the problems that we are facing in the world.

We can address those issues to the benefit of the providers of care as well as the patients that are served.

It is time for another method of delivery of care  not based on taking from one group or service population at the expense of another.

The costs of healthcare will soon result in limiting access to care as well as over all quality.

We are all responsible for the problems that we have in the healthcare system and we need to look at a older model of care that is based on service to others.




This organization is a call to both patients and providers of health-care to return to the roots of both their life and professions. It is our belief that life will be more likely to be filled with Peace, Joy and Happiness if we just look for our real center in life.

Old concept of Care revisited

We will try to out line a better way to provide care one that is more based on the origins of medical care delivery.

Sincerely Yours

Salvatore A Zieno M.D. F.A.C.S.