Utility Concept of Care

Health care Reform

The only successful method of delivering health care is to treat is as one would treat  a utility. Basic coverage should include access to prevention, early detection of Health care problems, Health maintenance as well as care that is catastrophic.

Controling cost of admistration

A transparent system of real costs of delivery should be required by law for all insurance carriers as well as the Medicare and Medicaid payors. This means in every quarter the payor will have available a report on how much was collected and marry that with how much is paid out. The number remaining should be the subject of public commission control. We can find out dealer cost for a new car but we cannot find out how much money is left for the carriers after the care is paid for. The current news of insurance carriers over charging billions of dollars for providing prescription services to Medicare care patient is a clear sign of the excesses allowed in the current system of care.

Outline for Utility

  • Establish local, state and regional grids with assoicated trusts with current or retired providers of care selected based on Out comes of care with those providers having the best record of quality, cost and patient satisfaction.
  • Establish a common EMR funded by the Grid
  • Require all providers use and share the costs of the EMR
  • Provide a transparent way of monitoring care with the EMR
  • Pay providers based on the outcomes of care for quality, cost and patient satisfaction 
  • establish a rate for basic services
  • require all patients to pay for basic services
  • allow for more advanced health care plans
  • place all excess funds in trust
  • use income from the trusts to expand the care
  • use a system of provider individual tax credits to encourage grid participation.


  • Increased access to basic care